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Veranstaltungsprogramm 2017

Im Folgenden stellen wir das Programm der Guru Ram Das Aquarian Academy für die zweite Jahreshälfte 2017 vor. Dieses Mal auf Englisch. Bei Rückfragen, einfach melden. PDF.

The Yoga of Sound

Naad Yoga Master Class with Mata Mandir Singh (San Francisco, US)
September 8-10, 2017

mata-mandir-flyer-2017 Kopie
This Master Class will cover all aspects of Naad Yoga including the science and brain chemistry of chanting, the practical effects of rhythm and melody on the human being, the science and path of deep listening and the human body as a musical instrument. Mata Mandir Singh is an international teacher of Naad & Kundalini Yoga and a pioneer of Sacred Chanting in both mantra and song from the early 1970s. His recordings of Jap Ji Sahib in English and Gurmukhi are legendary.

€220 (regular), €180 (Early Bird until August 26, 2017!), from €100 (Lodging & Board, vegan & organic yogic food)

Jap Ji Sahib — The Song of the Soul

One-day workshop with Sat Hari Singh and guests
September 16, 2017 - 10 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Making Jap Ji Sahib the path to your Soul and Destiny. We´ll be exploring the individual Pauris and meditate on them, reciting and chanting with live music. — „The Jap Ji is a complete Yoga“, Yogi Bhajan.

€80 plus €20 for lunch & snacks. Options: Arriving Friday 15 & staying until Sunday Gurdwara November 17 is optional & needs to be arranged with Guru Ram Das Ashram (Board & Lodging).

Ashram Retreat

In cooperation with the Guru Ram Das Ashram
October 7-13, 2017

Relax from your daily routine for 7 days in the beautiful countryside of Boizenburg. Let your mind become still. Enjoy Aquarian Sadhana, Sat Nam Rasayan and meditation and get an introduction into the practice of Shabd Guru with Sat Hari Singh. You will love our delicious organic & vegan yogic food, specially prepared by Siri Kartar Kaur. You can work in the Ashram Garden and participate in the events to Guru Ram Das' birthday.

Costs: from €395 — including 3 meals per day, 2-4 bed rooms in the Ashram and classes/program, single rooms available on request.

Yoga & Addiction

Yoga Therapy – Special Training
Weekend 1: November, 10-12, 2017

This training communicates the precious knowledge of Kundalini Yoga, which can help us as teachers, therapists or human beings whenever we are dealing with people struggling with issues of dependency and addiction.

This special training includes 3 weekends.
For further information please contact Guru Sant Kaur:

International Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training Level 2

With trainers from South Africa, Italy and Germany
Starting with Module 1 on November, 18-24, 2017

Level 2 Teacher Training at Guru Ram Das Aquarian Academy is offered in the International KRI format: 5 Modules of 6 full days over the course of 2 years.
The training language will be English.

It is a unique opportunity to experience a 3HO Yoga Teacher Training right in the new home of our community, the center of which is our Gurdwara.

For further information please visit the Academy´s website or contact Siri Kartar Kaur:

Man to man — Workshop for Men

One-day workshop with Geet Anand Singh & Sat Hari Singh
November 25, 2017 - 10 a.m. - 5 p.m.

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Join us for companionship among men & explore Yogi Bhajan`s Teachings on being a real man — „The power of man lies in what he can give“, Yogi Bhajan.

Costs: €80 plus €20 for lunch & snacks. Options: Arriving Friday 24 & staying until Sunday Gurdwara November 26 is optional & needs to be arranged with Guru Ram Das Ashram (Board & Lodging).


»I am a Woman« — Part 1

Winter Women`s Camp with Siri Kartar Kaur & Gurudev Kaur
November 30 – December 3, 2017

guru-dev-kaur Kopie
Let`s come together and explore how we can live our lives as conscious women. In the course of life a woman can sometimes lose her clarity, her identity, and her dignity. When we go down that path, life becomes a misery. We believe our doubts and our insecurities. However, what we are looking for is the experience of the over-abundance of the opportunities, that life can provide us with.
siri-kartar-kaur Kopie
In the cycle of women let`s share and practice the teachings to be able to manifest infinity, divinity and dignity in our lives.

I am a Woman — Part 2

Winter Women`s Camp with Tarn Taran Kaur (Espanola, US)
December 14-17, 2017

Bildschirmfoto 2017-07-27 um 16.52.07
Join us for I Am A Woman Part 2 with Tarn Taran Kaur from Espanola! Learn to cultivate a solid and steady self-identity using the dynamic technology of Kundalini Yoga in the sacred circle of wise women. You need to be your own psychologist and dissolve your veiled shadows. It is now the time to authentically love yourself, live in nobility and excel in your excellence. The world is at a moment where your excellence is required.

Tarn Taran Kaur has been teaching Kundalini Yoga internationally for more than 4 decades, 2 of which she and her husband Tarn Taran Singh spent in Hamburg, establishing Kundalini Yoga in Germany. Tarn Taran Kaur is a Lead Trainer & trainer mentor of KRI Teacher Training Levels 1&2 and she specialises in teachings for women, pregnancy & motherhood. Her wit and her wisdom touch the hearts of all.

Costs per class: €275 (regular), €220 (Early Bird until September 30, 2017), 150€ Lodging & Board (vegan & organic). Each class can be booked individually!

Festival for Yoga & Peace 2017

In cooperation with Turkish KY Students and Teachers
Winter Solstice 2017: December 19 - 23 in Samandag / Southern Turkey

peace-prayer-turkey-cmyk Kopie
Kundalini Yoga Teachers from Turkey and Europe invite to 3 Days of Yoga & Meditation for Peace in the southernmost part of Turkey. The Hatay province around Samandag is a place of historically intercultural and interreligious freedom. Arabian, Aramaic, Sunnit and Alevit, Christian and Jewish people live peacefully together there. Allepo and the Syrian border is near.

Join us for Solstice in Samandag for 3 Days of Yoga and Meditation for Peace!

Baisakhi 2018

European Khalsa Festival& European Khalsa Network Meeting
Easter Holidays 2018: March 30 - April 2

baisakhi-2017 Kopie
Easter 2016 we started off with the first European Khalsa Spring Festival to celebrate Khalsa consciousness in the European Sangat. About 50 Yogis and Sikhs from the Netherlands, Finland and Germany, including Sangat members of Punjabi origin, practiced Aquarian Sadhana, studied the science and practice of Shabd Guru and shared an Akhand Paath, Kirtan, Seva, Langar and workshops on the history of this great Dharma that has been passed on to us.

We wish to continue this format for a Gathering of the European Khalsa for many years to come. Save the date!

Yoga & Meditation for Peace

3HO Peace Prayer Day 2018
Whitsun 2018: May 19 - 21

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Every year we gather for Peace Prayer Day at Whitsun with yogis and guests from all over the world to experience and study the impact of Yoga and Meditation on Peace. It is now time to follow the call of this age to bring peace into our own hearts and the hearts of all women, men and children of this planet, so we can actually be the change that we wish to see in the world.

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Guru Ram Das, der Namensgeber unserer Akademie, lebte im 16. Jahrhundert. Er ist mit uns in der Goldenen Kette von Lehrern und Schülern verbunden und repräsentiert den neutralen, meditativen Geist des bedingungslosen Liebens und Einander-Dienens.

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Die Guru Ram Das Aquarian Akademie bemüht sich um eine erfolgreiche, umfangreiche Überführung und Integration der Lehren des Kundalini Yoga und Sikh Dharma in die konkrete Lebensrealität unseres Landes, unserer Kultur, unserer Sprache, in unsere bestehenden oder neu entstehenden spirituellen Familien und unser Alltagsleben.

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